Nice Pins Set of Side Tables

Crafted from solid steel, the Nice Pins nest of side tables has been designed as a collection of three tables, that can be displayed as a single tiered option or can also sit beautifully as individual pieces. Each table features a leather foot on one of its three legs.

Materials: Steel tables with leather foot
Lead time: Approximately 10-12 weeks
Suitability: Indoor only


Drof Design

Peter Drofenik, proprietor of Drof design is as
a master welder and blacksmith by trade. In
addition, Peter is a boat builder and holds a dual degree in both Physics and Education. As a master welder and artisan, he has had many years of personal experience in residential renovations, commercial fit outs, and commissioned pieces.
We have worked with Peter for over 8 years now and looking forward to sharing his amazing steel talents with you.