RA Scope offers fixed fee interior design packages that are tailored to you and your budget. Here at RA we know the interior design. It’s our passion & we want to share it with you.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to take the unknown from the design process & we pass on our tips and tricks to save you time and money. We open up conversations and work with you in a creative collaboration to build throughout homes that reflect your personality and meet your budget.

We have deconstructed the process delivering everything you need to create a sophisticated and considered home without compromising on quality or style. We work hard to understand how you live, how you want to live, and we tailor every recommendation to suit you.

Whether you’re unsure about particular design elements or you simply don’t know where to start, let us empower you with our flair and collective industry knowledge to help you get the job done. With the right Scope package you will feel and see the value from the very first minute, until the last.

Relax and embrace the process in the knowledge the hard work has been done for you.

I N T E R I O R   D E S I G N   

"Working directly with Jess I benefited from her industry knowledge & incredible supplier relationships. Jess' expertise & client care is second to none... I never felt rushed, I felt understood..."



  • I am planning to build or renovate but apart from a few Pinterest images I haven’t started the process yet.
  • I don’t know whether my budget is realistic for what I am trying to achieve.
  • I need to make a decision between engaging a draftsman or architect.
  • I want to make sure from the onset I am creating a home to be lived in & loved.
  • I want to be challenged & asked lots of questions to ensure we think of everything.
  • I know what I do and don’t like but I am short of time, or I am overwhelmed with the amount of choices.
  • I like different design styles but I want to create my own home tailored to me & my family.
  • I understand the success of the process lies in creating an accurate scope and setting realistic goals that align with my budget.


For this package the Initial consultation is not required.


  • I have my draftsman / architectural plans already
  • I have a clear list of items that need resolving
  • I want to decide how I use my strategy session
  • I will or have completed most of the interior design process myself but I need help putting it all together
  • I want to save time and money by utilising RA’s years of experience & extensive industry knowledge
  • I want to cover a lot in a short time frame to ensure my home delivers the best results
  • I would like to have piece of mind of the quality & price of the products I am selecting
  • I want a second opinion on my floor plan design and materials


For this package the Initial consultation is not required.


  • I don’t need a draftsman or architectural plans as it is a small scale renovation with no significant structural changes
  • I already have my draftsman or architectural plans but I need assistance with finishes & a few design decisions
  • I am building with a boutique volume builder but I just want to lift it up a notch on joinery, fixtures, fittings & materials
  • I am doing a quick refresh/update of my home or second home
  • I am doing an investment property & I want to get the most out of my investment
  • I want to know that the products I am being supplied with are valued for money and quality
  • I am a developer and completing a set of townhouses and want to ensure an increase in the sale value by up specing the key internal finishes of the property
  • I need help in putting all of joinery materials together & make sure my joinery designs are right
  • Initial consult is redeemable with this package
  • My project budget: Starting from $150,000+



  • I have completed a floor plan with my draftsperson or architect
  • I don’t need a draftsman/architect as there are no significant structural changes but I would like an interior designer to help with the essential areas in my home
  • I would like an interior designer to design my kitchen, main bathroom, powder room & laundry
  • I will need interior design documentation and joinery elevations for the areas listed above
  • I will need the floor and wall finishes selected.
  • I want to work with someone to select all of my fixtures and fittings
  • I will need joinery materials & hardware selected
  • I want to be involved in the design choices, to ensure I am getting a cohesive design
  • I would like to know my selections are considered, timeless, cost effective & value for money
  • Initial consult is redeemable with this package
  • My project budget: $300,000 – $600,000.



  • I have completed our draftsman or architectural plans & I would like to work with an interior designer to complete my home
  • I would like to visualise my house & joinery in a 3 dimensional model
  • I would like all of the spaces in my home considered and inherent of our lifestyle
  • I would like to make sure all elements of my home are both functional & beautiful
  • I would like a home that is uniquely me
  • I will need the floor and wall finishes selected
  • I want work with someone to select all of my fixtures and fittings
  • I will need joinery materials & hardware selected
  • I will need assistance in selecting my lighting & I will need a lighting plan
  • I will need all of my doors and hardware selected
  • I will require a full interior design set of documentation for an accurate budget outcome & minimal stress during the build
  • Initial consult is redeemable with this package
  • My Project budget: $600,000 – 1.5m