Bonne Nuit Bedside Table

The Bonne Nuit bedside features a hand-crafted solid metal base, with a natural stone top. The timeless, modern design makes an elegant statement in any bedroom space.

Materials: Steel frame with natural stone top
Lead time: Approximately 10-12 weeks
Suitability: Indoor only


Apex Stone

Apex Stone is a proud Australian, Melbourne
made, family owned and operated business since 1987. At Apex they live by the mantra of the peak of excellence, procuring only the finest natural stone selections, hand selected because of the quality and aesthetic beauty from all around the globe. Apex Stone have been our go to for many years for all things stone, because of their variety & supply of stone.

Drof Design

Peter Drofenik, proprietor of Drof design is as
a master welder and blacksmith by trade. In
addition, Peter is a boat builder and holds a dual degree in both Physics and Education. As a master welder and artisan, he has had many years of personal experience in residential renovations, commercial fit outs, and commissioned pieces.
We have worked with Peter for over 8 years now and looking forward to sharing his amazing steel talents with you.